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How To Harness A Low Tox Life With Emma Plush

May 22, 2024

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Does the idea of low tox living still make your mind boggle?

Join Hayley as she sits down with the beautiful Emma Plush to chat all things low tox living.

Emma is an inspiring advocate for low tox living, and she shares her wealth of knowledge on creating a healthier, toxin-free lifestyle.

In our conversation, Emma enlightens us on the hidden dangers lurking in our homes and beauty products and why it's so important to take these toxins seriously.

Topics Covered:

  • The one product that shocked Emma and sparked her journey into low tox.
  • What toxins are and why we need to take them more seriously.
  • How you can enhance your health just by detoxing your home alone.
  • Debunking the theory that natural products don’t work.
  • The surprising truth about supermarkets and low tox products.
  • Easy first steps to take to get started on your low tox journey.
  • Toxic ingredients to look for.
  • Cost-effective products you can make at home with as few as three ingredients.
  • Must-use apps to take away the overwhelm when buying cleaner products.

Cleaner Living Apps:

We are also very blessed to have Emma inside Naturally Well taking us through our Home Harmony pillar.

Emma's Instagram account: @livelowtox



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